Fitness is about so much more than looking and feeling good. Those are free extras that come along with the true reward of pursuing the best physical and mental health: becoming your true self.

This is the message I share with thousands of people every day through LITFITDG, the company I started to help those who are serious about getting and staying in awesome shape. My experience as a high level athlete, nationally certified spin instructor, and Xtreme Hip Hop Master Trainer have all culminated to form one of the most high-intensity group workout programs available. I never could have dreamed of the incredible results we've achieved together since launching the program in 2014. Today, LITFITDG's reaches a global audience made of passionate fitness veterans, as well as those who are starting down their own path to a more fulfilling, healthy lifestyle. All are welcome in my classes.

As a group fitness coach and motivator, I have always been naturally inclined to forming strong bonds, building communities, and connecting people from all walks of life who don't mind getting sweaty and exhausted in the pursuit of excellent health. We all have different goals and we all have different bodies. Our differences are of course what make each of us special, but I think what makes each of us truly special is that we all share something in common: the potential to improve our lives through exciting and enriching fitness experiences. Throughout my career, I have worked with thousands upon thousands of clients from all walks of life. I love the challenge of getting to know each person who comes into my studio or subscribes to our channel, understanding what makes them tick, getting a feel for their strengths, their areas for improvement, and building a road map towards a realistic goal that will deliver astounding results. That's my business, and I'm blessed beyond comparison for the opportunity to run LITFITDG for the people who want to be there with me every day.

Nothing energizes me more than watching a community come together under a single banner. For me and the rest of the LIT SQUAD, that banner is self-expression through personal fitness. Today, we carry that banner high and proud as we march into the future, coming alongside others seeking their best physical health, and supporting those searching for their true selves.
My promise to each of you is that you will be transformed in the best ways you never imagined. Through energetic personalized group sessions, the best music in the hip hop scene, and community support, you will find your best life, and I cannot wait to get started.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and I'll see you at the next session!